over 75 people have given us 5-star ratings & we couldn't be more grateful! HERE ARE A FEW...

I have so much love for the Vegan Teahouse and for the maker behind it. Their treats are just amazing - I have an obsession with the Grace brownie, which is my go to snack to sneak into the cinema. My first love though was Hazel chocolate spread. I first picked it up years ago at the Newtown Market and now I can’t imagine pancakes without it. Simply an outstanding ethical, vegan company whose goodies everyone should try.
— Laura
What can I say, other than simply perfection, that is all!
— Bear
The brownies are amaze and so moist! Which is hard to find in a not vegan brownie do something perfect is happening there. And Hazel and Alice are seriously the best spreads out there and should be available in industrial size. I would (do) just eat them from the jar, which is totally acceptable with that level of yum.
And well tea. Nailed it.
— Gina
So much love for TVT’s banana bread! I toast it up and it goes all caramelised and heavenly. Must. Get. More! <3
— Lisette
I love The Vegan Teahouse. The brownies and banana bread are divine and the nut butters are luscious. My favourite thing is the true passion of the people behind the business. It comes through in all they do. If your local doesn’t sell it, ask them to. +++++
— Anne-Marie
Beautiful products made with lots of love! Alice is my favourite... Best eaten with a spoon
— Simone
Vegan soul food from people with soul. The brownies are to die for! ❤
— Lily
10/10 nailing it! The Vegan Teahouse have such a fantastic vibe, with even better yummies and an even better still Head Vegan
— Jack
The BEST! When love + amazing ingredients + mad skills happen it’s nothing short of mouth magic ⭐️
— Katey
I can’t get enough of this food in me!!!! Dreamy oh and that banana bread wins my heart. Amazing product and beautiful people xx
— Tanya
5 stars. The desserts and spreads are yummy, made from ingredients that taste natural and don’t weigh you down. Couldn’t ask for a better business to spend my money on either - happy to support these women who give so much to their community.
— Farrah
Yummmmm I love TVT’s brownie’s and vegan nutella - much delish!
— Jenna
The Vegan Teahouse is one of those Vegan Businesses, that just gets it.
Amazing Teas, Treats and Spreads with Flavour profiles that just work.
Sometimes all you need in life is a piece of TVT Banana Bread spread with their amazing Nut spread, and all thoughts of that awful day at work are gone
— Chris
VTH makes my heart sing, ethical, vegan, wholefoods treats & teas. My idea of happiness a Grace brownie topped with their Clementine, salted caramel spread! The owner Kate is one of the kindest people on earth. VTH goodies are the biz, created by beautiful souls.
— Kim
The banana bread is without a doubt the best thing I have eaten this year! Even my 7 year old son had a bite and whispered “wow, that’s the best”(high praise from Mr. Picky).
— Kylie
My birthday cake was so good, I decided I needed two more for my wedding! If you’re looking for goodness made with love and kindness this is it :)
— Jessie
Highly recommended. The best brownies you’ll ever eat!
— Saul
Absolutely amazing. Would give 10 if it were an option.
— Alexander
The Vegan Teahouse’s products are always an absolute delight. I’m not even vegan but I enjoy vegan Teahouse products like they are going out of fashion. I’d highly recommend the brownies and banana bread! Yummmm.
— Penny
such an awesome business! I regularly buy banana bread loaves & brownies from TVT. The best <3
— Tia
Amazing all round.
— Cin
Amazing tea blends and yummy, delicious treats that your mouth will love you for
— Tara
If your looking a for tasty treats that satisfy your tongue, tummy, and hits the feel good spots of the brain, look no further! The Vegan Teahouse treats have got you sorted.
— Becca
Holy moly.
The best thing I’ve ever layed my tongue on!
— Jorgia