The Power of Tea

Take herbs. Add really hot water. Leave for a bit. Drink.
You would be forgiven for believing that that was the end of it but no no, it most certainly isn't.

Tea is a powerful beast

We all know that tea has been used medicinally for thousands of years; it can help to heal, nourish, calm, cool, warm, slow down, speed up, gain clarity, send you off to a blissful sleep & it's delicious! What a gift!

Ayurveda principles teach that tea is a wonder tonic for all of us and should be consumed daily. Discovering my Dosha, learning the best ways to balance my body and using tea as medicine has been (& continues to be) a wonderful journey for me. Do you know what your Dosha is? If not find out here! I am a Pitta with a good dash of Vata - that means I am a fiery determined lady with anxiety who rarely stops! So drinking a peppermint tea like Penny cools my body and balances the fire (ahem temper) & Autumn slows me down and helps the anxiety.

Autumn is one of our most popular teas, it is a special blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, calendula and rooibios - loaded with antioxidants, the power to help calm inflammation, heal sore muscles and fight against bacteria and fungal infections, straight up this baby is divine. 

The power of self care

But for me, the most important thing about tea is the practice of self care it brings; I love having shelves filled with different varieties of tea, labouring over what one to choose,  sprinkling a little into the pot, leaving the kettle for a few minutes after it's boiled so the water won't scorch the precious leaves/herbs, filling the pot up and leaving it to do its magic. I love pouring into cute little cups and savouring every sip. It's a self care practice that I revel in. (Show me your tea practice by using #teaisselfcare on Insta). 2016 is the year to start or maintain good self care practices baby so why not start with tea?!

Have you tried adding some to your bath? Imagine soaking in a gorgeously aromatic tea bath! I use a piece of cheesecloth or a nut milk bag to hold the tea.  Put 2-3 tablespoons of your favourite herbal tea (I love using Camille for this) into the cloth, tie up and pop it into your hot bath while it's running. By the time you're ready to get in, your bathroom with smell divine and the tea will help soak away your worries. Bliss!

So the moral of all this? Drink tea because it's good for your body, your beautiful mind and your soul, it's a lovely way to practice self care AND it tastes great! 


Yours in love & tea,


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