Collaborations, celebrations and lotsa tea!

What happens when a naturopath and tea merchant join forces? Tea blends that are tasty and medicinal!

The vivacious Hannah of New Leaf Naturopathic Health and I teamed up recently to create some new tea blends, she approached me with a clear and simple brief - I want signature teas for the clinic, I want them to be awesome & I don't know where to start! - Challenge accepted!

With her incredible knowledge on the power of herbs & and my knowledge of blending techniques we formed a power team & set forth to bring something new and exciting to the market and we are thrilled with the results - Introducing - Morning Elixir and One For The Ladies (you kinda gotta say laaaaaaaaaadies with that one, sounds best)

Morning Elixir is our take on coffee! We both LOVE coffee and wanted to create something that was a little more exciting than plain ol' dandelion (no offence dande we love you) so we blended beautiful, fair trade cacao nibs with chicory, dandelion & burdock root for a full & rich coffee flavour, added Siberian ginseng for a kick and some liquorice for it's fresh & sweet end note and what we got was an adrenal tonic that detoxifies, energises and tastes amazing! Then we popped it in the fridge and discovered that when chilled it becomes like cold drip - what a score! 

So we decided to brew Morning Elixir for 24 hours, bottle it & stick a whole bunch in the fridge just for you guys, shop your bottle here

One For The Ladies was developed with our sisters in mind - at all staged of this epic journey we call life! Hannah is the queen of lady herbs and chose schisandra berry, motherwort, shatavari & dong quai to help balance hormones, soothe PMS and painful periods and give our libido a little pep - hey there! We then added ginger, liquorice, calendula and orange segments for healing powers & taste then cornflower petals for a splash of pretty colour. What resulted was a gorgeous blend that tastes like it loves you and is a pleasure to drink.

We launched our new babies at the Sydney Tea Festival last weekend and well, if I said RAGING SUCCESS I wouldn't be exaggerating! You guys loved them! 

To coincide with the launch we ran a naming competition for what is now Morning Elixir - We wanted YOUR help to give this beauty a name that fit perfectly and wowsers did you deliver - We received a truck load of suggestions & it created a beautiful vibe at our stall & on Social Media that made the day truly wonderful for both of us, so thank you! Morning Elixir stood out as the perfect name so a huge thank you to the winner, we'll be in touch today!

Finally, I want to say a huge, massive thank you to Hannah! For approaching me with this collab idea in the first place & for being such a discerning and hilarious human. It's been an amazing experience, I've learnt so much and I'm super proud of what we have achieved together, ladies of '79 know how to bring it! 

Much love

Kate xx