A word from the boss

Hi there. I’m Carly and I’m the proud owner of The Vegan Teahouse.

One of my favourite things to do is bake amazing treats but using ‘normal’ recipes tends to leave us feeling not so amazing after demolishing them. I substitute the not-so-tummy-friendly ingredients with those that have nutritional benefit so that we can keep indulging. I also eliminated animal products; they didn’t make my digestive system feel good and as I researched how some of these products were produced they didn’t make my heart feel good either.

Kate started The Vegan Teahouse in 2012 and now in 2018 I’m continuing her vision to make café style treats that don’t have a heavy cost for our bodies, wallets or the planet. Vegan or not, you can enjoy our delicious treats not only while they’re in your mouth but also after you’ve gobbled them down!

I love to get creative in the kitchen so feel free to send me any requests! I’m excited about bringing you all some new flavours and treats soon so please keep coming back to check out what we’re up to. Carly xx

About The Vegan Teahouse

The Vegan Teahouse has a vision, to reduce the incidence and impact of animal cruelty by providing a fun, local and yummy approach to nourishment, we are purveyors of fine vegan eats and hand crafted loose leaf tea blends.

Having started our journey with a market in Sydney's Newtown, we are now based out of MAKER Kitchen - a shared commercial kitchen and education space. We are growing, experimenting with new ideas and loving every second.

Our big thing is to provide affordable yummy food, it’s about accessibility –  Our hand made treats are always vegan, wheat free & refined sugar free & our loose leaf teas are blended using Ayurvedic principals, which means that almost everybody can enjoy them without worry.

We have always been big on supporting local business and good sustainable practice! We harvest the lemon myrtle for our Camille tea from trees on Lord St in Newtown, we waste as little as possible and are avid recyclers & composters!

We want to challenge the TRADITIONAL BELIEF that food must have dairy, refined sugar and eggs in it to taste good.

We think we are doing it!

Wild harvested lemon myrtle for our Camille blend